headline - November, 2017

Why do we not simply dispose of blood from slaughtered animals?

Blood is a valuable source of nutrients. It has a very high protein content, contains essential amino acids and has vitamins, minerals and sugars.  Blood is one of the products of the slaughterhouse and it can be readily processed into a high-quality feed ingredient or for use by the food processing industry and in pharmaceuticals. Rather than dispose of the blood in what would be a wasteful and expensive process to avoid environmental pollution, it is a readily available and sustainable resource. 

The Animal Protein Industry was in fact created out of environment and health concerns: treating plasma and hemoglobin helped to stem the disposal of animal blood into the environment and created a sustainable product that contributes to animal health across Europe.

  • The Animal Protein Industry reduces the risk of blood being discarded and becoming a pollutant in the environment.
  • Plasma is locally sourced in Europe and therefore has a low carbon footprint.
  • Use of plasma in feed reduces the need to import soy protein to Europe, thereby reducing the carbon footprint for the feed industry.
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