headline - November, 2017

Describe the safety, efficacy profile for commercial spray-dried plasma?

EAPA Members are ISO 9001 and/or GMP certified and manufacturing standards ensure that plasma and haemoglobin are collected in a hygienic manner, in a closed system. Blood is collected only from healthy animals fit for slaughter for human consumption in inspected slaughter houses. During collection blood is immediately pumped through a closed system to a separate processing area. 

Plasma processing plants in Europe are either food or feed approved and are periodically inspected by an official veterinarian from the Public Health Department and an EU official veterinarian.

  • The first step in processing is separation by centrifugation into cells and plasma.
  • The plasma fraction is subjected to filtration and evaporation.
  • Plasma is sprayed into a sterile chamber at 200 ºC or above to produce dried plasma.
  • The dried powder is taken out and packed when the temperature comes down to around 80–90ºC, still within sterile conditions.
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