Pet food

High quality, natural animal proteins are ideal ingredients for the production of pet foods.

Plasma proteins are predominantly used in wet pet foods. In wet pet food one of the functions of plasma protein is to improve the quality of the chunk, due to its emulsification properties and excellent water binding capacity. Another important functionality of plasma protein in pet food is the palatability. Specially for cats this high quality animal protein is very palatable and as such essential.

The immunoglobulin fraction (20-30%) in the plasma protein can be used to provide passive immunity to neonatal and challenged pets. The high level of immunoglobulins in plasma can provide local protection in the gut.

Haemoglobin protein is used in wet, semi-moist and dry pet food as a concentrated and highly digestible protein source and natural colour. The haem fraction in the haemoglobin gives a similar colouring to myoglobin in meat.

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