Animal proteins

Animal protein products are 

  • plasma powder
  • haemoglobin powder
  • globin powder and other special products

Further information about products and specifications can be provided by EAPA members. See EAPA-members at this website.

Animal protein products as ingredients

Purified products derived from animal blood collected at certified slaughterhouses are used in

  • pet food
  • animal feeds, especially those for piglets, poultry and for fish
  • human food products, for example in hams and sausages
  • pharmaceuticals, to treat conditions as diverse as travellers’ diarrhoea, eye problems, anaemia and liver diseases. 

Spray dried plasma is rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. As an ingredient in piglet feed, for example, it boosts vigour and resistance to disease, especially at vulnerable periods such as weaning.

Haemoglobin powder is very useful in the production of feeds for many species of farmed fish. They bring valuable nutrition to fish in the colder climates, such as salmon and trout. Equally, they are being used to improve feeds for warm water fish such as barramundi, silver perch, tuna, snapper, sea bream, sea bas, tilapia and grouper and for shellfish, including shrimp.