headline - November, 2017

What is the industry doing to stop the spread of PEDv?

The European Animal Protein Association in collaboration with the North American Spray Dried Blood and Plasma Producers Association (NASDBPP), which together account for approximately 65 -70% of the spray-dried blood products produced worldwide, conducted alongside the FDA and EFSA many controlled experiments to test the hypothesis that spray-dried porcine plasma may contain infective Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). The results of these numerous experiments, both from the industry and the agencies’ side, support the conclusion that spray-dried porcine plasma is a safe feed ingredient. The manufacturing process under industry standards inactivates PEDv. The industry processes are constantly monitored and therefore the safety of our products is guaranteed and it has been proven that plasma is not a vector of diffusion of the PED virus.

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