headline - November, 2017

Why is plasma being fed to piglets? Isn’t pigs’ mother’s milk the best source for piglets?

When piglets are taken away from the sow (weaning) it is one of the most critical periods in a pig’s life. In modern farming practices, piglets have to adapt quickly to a new environment. In many cases these changes lead to poor growth performances and occurrence of digestive disorders. 

Plasma, rich in essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, is commonly used in post-weaning piglet diets in the majority of the world due to the benefits it introduces to the health of the animal and it helps the young pig at the end of the milk supplied by the mother. The inclusion of plasma in post-weaning diets improves feed efficiency, average daily gain and gain to feed compared to milk protein and soy protein. This has a significant impact in reducing piglet mortality, which is one of the serious challenges faced by pig farmers. 

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