High quality, natural animal proteins are ideal ingredients in food products. They offer a choice of nutritional profiles and other valuables properties to suit the various needs of food producers. All ingredients are prepared in strictly controlled processes that capture the full nutritional value while ensuring complete safety for end users. 

Animal protein products provide natural and valued nutrition for various food products. It is only one of the reasons why animal proteins are used in many food products such as hams and sausages. Here, for example, the plasma proteins offer excellent water-binding capacity as well as the nutrition they contain. This makes the meat products easier to slice and gives them a better ‘bite’. It also improves yields by reducing cooking loss.

Other animal protein products used in food processing include first class emulsifiers and haemoglobin products. The haemoglobin products are widely used in making black pudding and they provide natural and stable colouring for cooked and cured meat products. 

All animal protein products meet the strictest food safety standards. 

For product specifications, functionalities and technicalities please have a look at the websites of EAPA members.

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